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Get To Know Your Deeper Self

Wahoo!  This ain’t your momma’s kinky clubhouse.  Maybe it’s yours…

The Kink Studio is a joining of the minds, talents, and contributions of a number of wonderful people — drawing from years of exploration. Above all, Studio C aims to unlock deeper, more beautiful aspects of your fantasy and desire. We’ve got a fun and festive spirit, keen on celebrating all sorts accomplishments of our freaky selves.

As the members and participants grow and evolve, The Kink Studio does as well.  Here are a few possibilities that you may find appealing:

  • Academy C: try on a few simple weekly challenges and surprise yourself along with other students online
  • Share: offer to teach, perform, or line up a visit!
  • Join in the fun: Meet the members, and consider how you might intertwine your sizzling talents and abilities



Our sexy place in México includes a swimming pool, casita, and rooftop overlook.


Our Asian paradise location offered a refreshing playspace: tropical garden pagoda next to a bubbling koi pond, courtyard cage, ensuite guest bedroom looking out to bamboo, and a good amount of privacy.


We’re super-excited about connecting with fellow inspired kinksters online!


Though the Northampton space is small and intimate, the atmosphere is bright and inspired; experiences may range from light and playful to deep and expansive.


Our beach town getaway drew inspiration from the land of katooeys and boasted a lovely walled garden for naked yoga, sarong-based bondage, and delicious delights galore.

Things We Love <3

Gongs and Bubbly!

As big fans of celebration, we mark our freaky-diki milestones with clinky toasts and resonating gong-bonkings. :-)

Erotica  :-)

We indulge in the inspirations of writings, graphic novels, movies, and blogs.

  • C delights in Secretary, Erenisch, and writing
  • beamy is a big fan of the Kushiel series, sexy vampires, and Beauty and the Beast

Video Chat Buddies

We delight in hanging out with our familiar friends and new ones.  Whether it’s a casual introduction or salacious shenanigans, it’s a fine way to connect.


Hitachi cam?  Flimsy nighty endurance testing?  iPaddling?!?