ReflectionOnline Community

Academy C

Our latest growth in community is largely driven by Academy C, which offers a small run of weekly personal challenges for people to play with — as everyone explores and shares, something magical happens with the cross-pollination of ideas and arousal.  It’s beautiful.  Expect the next one soon!  :-)

“Academy C: 9.5 out of 10” (Based on 4 reviews.)


“I enjoyed being provoked to try different things.”

— LadyKeer

“What did I enjoy most?  Connecting with strangers, old and new friends. Having a space to share sexuality within safe boundaries. Playing and being free and experiencing others in that space.”

— Her Wildness

“This sparked some good healing energy for me. Thanks!”

— Lady Keer

“I didn’t have time to participate, but I loved reading the posts by other students.  Can I join in next time?”

— kittenteeth

Video Chat Fun

Whether it’s a meet-and-greet with new people, or frisky fun with familiar friends, we really enjoy connecting with people over video chat.



We love getting together for photo shoots: boudoir, erotic, and beyond. We have a high-end video camera that records in 3d. We have lots of fun toys and tools as well, of course.



Noho Rope Group

The Kink Studio sometimes hosts Noho Rope Group.  Learn new ties and practice them on your partner in this hands-on rope workshop.

Snap n’ View

An event we’re keen on: models and photographers convene for some relaxed photos, and then we relax and flip through them together on the big projected screen.

Guided Submissive Meditation

Indulge in your submissive side through guided meditation. No matter your current relationship or arrangement, these exercises can be useful for tapping into your submissive inner submissive mindset. There will be no D/s dynamic in the process, simply an invitation to explore different states of mind through meditation and visualization. Themes include envisioning your ideal Dom, and tapping into your ideal inner submissive. Reflect upon your own discoveries, and enjoy discussion on personal insights.


The Swamp Queen

We welcome all kinds of kinky, freaky, artsy delights.  Music!  Burlesque!  Labyrinth wax play performance art!

Do get in touch with your idea, and we’ll bring together the audience to celebrate you.


Play Parties

We host parties in a beautiful remote location near Northampton, generally 20-40 people.  Generally we have a nice hors d’oeuvres spread, safety agent signups, scene matchmaking service, and a whole lot of fun.

“It’s a good house, good location away from the world. Good space, good people.  Everyone’s always been pleased by the way we do the guest list.”

— lazy-ninja, co-host

“I think it’s my favorite space because of how queer (in many ways of that word) the space feels. I never felt any pressure at all that I SHOULD be only playing with girls, or boys, or trans, or anything. I never felt pressure to play, or to socialize, or to anything really. The lack of pressure is awesome. I also love how much everyone watched out for others, especially in terms of safer sex.”

— LoMevina

Intimate Gatherings

Sometimes we’ll have cozy gatherings with special selections of people.  These often center around the beautiful overlap of kink with music, food, or special sensory experiences.

Movie Munch

Come together, watch something kinky, and meet some great folks in a comfortable, relaxed environment.  Pillow forts optional.

Secretary Movie

Speakers and Presentations

We enjoy inviting fresh new ideas and experiences.  Let us know if you might have something to present.