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Playful Couples

We really enjoy the chemistry of pairs.  With healthy couples who know each other well, the energy is intoxicating and the potential for deep erotic delight is tremendous.  If you’re a couple who has thought about reaching out, we’re open to hearing from you to see if there’s a spark!  :-)


Video/Voice Chat Fun

Wherever we are, it’s wonderful that we can get together in refreshing ways.  We’ve enjoyed all sorts of wild arrangements of great people and memorable experiences.  A wild primal goddess walks out of a women’s pleasure convention in San Francisco, and reads her mantra to a slavie in Thailand (who then orgasms on our highly experimental new Hitachi cam).  Anyway, there isn’t much limit to the fun we can have.  :-)


Co-Topping Accomplice

Now considering relatively experienced tops to collaborate on all manner of co-topping fun.



Have a class or workshop that you’d like to put on?  Reach out to us and propose it!


Studio Member Positions

These are some of the roles we envision great chemistry with.  Where do you see yourself?


2 positions available

Make yourself useful!  Find a context of appreciation for your ever-improving self discipline and competency in a number of admirable day-to-day rituals.  You may find sweet delight in domestic household caretaking.  You may be drawn to a context of sharp acumen and professionalism as a VPA: a very personal assistant.  Your interest may be piqued by an arrangement around personal hygiene, dressing, and attending closely to personal needs.  Hey, maybe you’ve just been perving over Downton Abbey!  Within your own particular flavor of dedication, here’s your chance at a nurturing sanctuary to really focus on your daily satisfaction in service.

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1 position available

Learn to attend to the pleasures of a very special lady.  Discover new enjoyments as you are guided in new techniques to ensure the comfort, bliss, and (very expressive) satisfaction of devoted pleasure slave beam herself.  Festive nature highly encouraged!!  ;-)

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Studio Pet

1 position available

Connect with your primal self.  Your nonhuman self gets to enjoy a playground of toys and experiences that suit your animal nature.  Imagine the chance to settle into your identity more deeply, thanks to a supportive environment and sustained frame of mind.  Express yourself with your body wordlessly.  Enjoy the beloved accessories and rituals that suit your nature.  Be appreciated with the kind of activities and affection that you crave.  A home is made special by a beloved pet, and a pet is made special by a caring, nurturing household.  (PS: beamy likes cats!)

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Studio Slave

2 positions available

You may have experience and deep connection to your submissive side, or you may be exploring initial inklings.  Discover an experience that challenges you to dig deeply within your innermost desires, to apply yourself to discipline and dedication, and to find fulfillment in exciting new ways.

Training is closely tailored to each slave’s predilections, and methodology also introduces shared protocol: positions, language, behavior, etc.

While we greatly value spontaneity, creativity, and fun, this investment also delves into world of mindful depth, growth, and ongoing discipline (and betterment).

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Mentoring and Guidance

We may offer guidance and consultation to a candidate of interest.

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No matter the context, we love to hear from you.

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