With countless ways to explore and discover, we take tremendous delight in meeting new people and exploring ways to relate. Please feel welcome to get in touch ask us questions and propose enticing ideas!



The studio members are the talented and dedicated souls who are directly involved in the studio there in a variety of contexts. If you think that you might like to be under consideration as a part of things, simply get in touch to explore the possibility.

slave beam

slave beam is a radiant wonder who has relished a variety of fine Kink Studio experiences.

Mr. Egg

Mr. Egg is an accomplice in various delicious adventures — a bit of a muse who shows up in lots of scrumptious art and stories.



The head of The Kink Studio is a firm but caring presence who believes in discovering and pursuing the full potential in himself and others. With a respect for tradition and an appreciation for inspired, authentic exploration, his 10+ years of experience have inspired The Kink Studio, for exploring exciting things with like-minded kinky accomplices.