Photo by Archbishop Tutu

We’ve all seen those purity tests that are pretty tame: the ones that we complete without trying while on the way to supermarket each week.

Where is the mention of the good stuff?  You know: oral sex on a tire swing, orgasms in mid-air, and nun orgies!

Okay, those examples may be off on a tangent, but wily writer Anaïs Dream has tried her hand at making such a list and has done a rather cheeky job of it.  And I’m pleased to say that I’ve had a hand in inspiring one or two items, which is a warm and fuzzy feeling.  Or more of a wet and sloppy one.  But it’s good.  Very good.

So slap on your scavenger hunt hat and buzz through the list of 50 little items.

[panel text=”Thoughts on what score you get?  Notes on any items?”]

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