My breasts have gotten a bit bigger leaving me in need of a new bra or two.  I love sexy underwear.  Love the feeling of silk on my skin.  Love that when you are looking at the outside package the bits of lace, and softness aren’t visible.  But I always tend to stop at my perception of classy sexy.  When I stopped into the little specialty shop, it wasn’t because of my lace fetish, but a bombshell boudoir bra and panty set that had me salivating but was outside my lingerie norm.

I went in and asked to see it and we figured out that they didn’t have the size I’ve been wearing (34DD).  But then again with the bigger breasts… I asked to try the 34F.  It fit quite well, I thought, and then I heard a gasp behind me.  My very attractive sales person had come in and was captivated by the sight.  She managed to get out “that looks perfect on you” before explaining she’d brought me some other bras she thought I’d enjoy.

She managed to time her visits with when I had gotten each additional bra she brought on, being a good sales person but also visibly enjoying how my breasts filled out each of the confections.  I could see her steadying her hand not to reach out to touch.

I think she brought me every untame brassiere they had that would fit.  I could see her getting aroused and was feeling so myself too.  It was totally uncomfortable in the most delightful way.  After one visit she reached in and deftly unsnapped the back of my bra, releasing it in a manner that was quick, effective, and practiced, causing me to catch my breath and long for a bedroom.  It is easy to remove a bra on oneself, but with others it took more determined practice.  The action just played into my fantasy of taking her into the curtained area with me and having hot sex.

And then came the panties…

I have to stop here because I’m getting wet and otherwise won’t have time to pleasure myself before I have to work. I have no desire to just let thoughts of this pretty tall brunette undressing me sit and stew.  And in case you are wondering I’m wearing one of the pretty matching sets that I picked up on my excursion today.

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