I have all kinds of ideas.  Some drift off into the clouds.  Some land hard — (smack!) — upon bare flesh.  Or elsewhere.

Here are a few ideas that have occurred to me lately.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on how to improve upon the idea, or even better: offers to collaborate!

Human Art

Human Ouija board

The possibilities are great.  Maybe the “pointer” is the meandering trail of dripping wax that two blindfolded subs slowly dribble from a single candle together. Maybe the board’s flesh is marked with dares instead of with numbers and letters.


What a fun word for whorish transformation. Perhaps with every beep of the timer, the sub under the influence of this suggestion challenges herself to push herself just a little bit further into the role of a whore.  Beep.  Some clothes come off, and hair becomes unkempt.  Beep.  A sensual massage becomes a sexual massage.  Beep.  Lipstick is smeared, slurps become sloppy, and acts become ever more salacious.  It becomes harder to know how she’ll push herself further, and the next beep is coming soon…

Interactive Art Exhibition

It would be fun to have a get-together focused on a little exhibitionist exhibition of artists and… willing works of art! Enthusiastic “canvasses” would volunteer their lovely flesh for marking/decorating of all kinds, whether it is a needle play flesh maze, or wax-by-numbers, or a clothespin cribbage board… the more interactive the better.

[panel text=”Perhaps these spark some ideas of your own?  :-)”]

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