beam Dessert

Wow. If it was ever doubted that chocolate has aphrodisiacal powers, our evening gave those doubts their just desserts.

After meeting at the lovely lake house and getting settled in — amidst incredible dessert pastries (made by beauty herself), a chocolate fondue fountain, and warm greetings, beauty began her presentation.  The thematic images of sexy lovers intertwined with chocolate candies and melted chocolate toppings set a scrumptious erotic tone.  Then she walked us through the whole process and mindset of chocolate production, and her slideshow demonstrated the various steps involved. Perhaps more importantly she introduced us to the concepts in the makeup of chocolate, and how to appreciate the aroma, flavor, texture, mouthfeel, etc.

By the time that the presentation was finished, I asked, “am I the only one who’s mouth is watering?” I was met with knowing chuckles of agreement.

When the blindfolds went on, our senses were immediately heightened… along with our sense of anticipation.

The first taste was a remarkably “traditional” chocolate experience.  It melted beautifully in the roofs of our mouths. The next revealed a remarkable tone of berry.  We compared a pair of tastes to determine which was the milk chocolate with muted top notes.  We savored the remarkable grainy texture of a stone-ground Oaxacan chocolate made with just cocoa, sugar, and vanilla.  We marveled at a white chocolate in comparison with cocoa butter and appreciated its origins in a new way…

I’m only touching upon some of the many highlights and impressions that surfaced as we savored about ten different chocolates from various influences and regions around the world.  In short: it was incredible.  beauty is an absolute wonder, and we’re filled with thrill and gratitude to be graced with her visits.

As our palettes reeled in delight from the sensory overload, we shared a mutual sensual understanding.

That may be why — even though we had no play party planned — the evening took a turn for the erotic…


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