Motorcycle AdventureI had the most euphoric day with a marvelous masochistic submissive of mine yesterday.

I picked her up and brought her to The Kink Studio, so that we could get ready for our motorcycle ride. June had been our month of intense pain/pleasure blending, and I wanted to make our ride a fine example of that. She executed positions perfectly as I put my collar on her and inserted my remote-controlled vibe.

I commented how nicely some surgical staples would go with that, right in her pretty butt cheeks. She squirmed and writhed and exclaimed that she didn’t feel at all ready for them. As she tried to explain her aversion to such things, I cleaned my arm, put on some gloves, and stapled myself right in front of her eyes. As I took the shiny metal tray away, explaining that she wouldn’t get to feel them until she asked really nicely someday, she meekly asked that I bring it back. I grinned and resisted a bit, until her pretty-please had a cherry on top.

So, staples in her bum, and remote-controlled vibe in her cunt, we hopped on my rumbling motorcycle. I invented some signals so she knew when to squeeze her pussy, and when to grind against me. Mmm. We rode through the most lovely country scenes up to the Book Mill in Montague.

Grabbing a table, she massaged my shoulders as we watched the forest stream bubble by. Then I had her sit in my lap, which hurt her a bit, but her pussy went right onto the vibrating controller in my pocket. I whispered such nasty things in her ear while wholesome people dined all around us. Suspicious smiles and conspicuous wiggles.

For our ride back, I put that buzzing controller right in her panties, so that the vibrations in her cunt matched the buzzing on her clit. I explained a little signal — a double-tap to the knee — that allowed her to use her hand to help her enjoy things. Of course, when she was left to gyrations, those staples were grinding into her as well.

It started to rain, just a bit. The raindrops hitting her bare arms stung. But she was panting and gasping harder and harder as we zoomed along, until she was begging me at the top of her lungs to please, please let her cum. After just enough pleading from her I did just that, and she came like a fucking tsunami on the back of my motorcycle, wrapped around me, writhing, and thanking me feverishly.

When I brought my motorcycle back to the storage space, there wasn’t anyone around. I opened the garage door and brought her inside, pinning her against the wall. I made a point to slap against her stapled ass as I pumped into her, guiding her motions with my commands until she satisfied me dutifully and thoroughly. We collapsed on the grass, breathing and grinning.

We made our way to a cool little stream with nobody around, wrapped around each other, and exhaled blissfully.

It was a deeply exhilarating and satisfying day.

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