MadamWhen I had the pleasure of introducing Madam Kinkyfemmekitty to Studio C, it was an exciting occasion!  She seemed to appreciate all the toys and furnishings, along with visions of the experiences they have inspired.  And together, we were freshly inspired…

Since we were exploring various approaches to co-topping, we decided that we would play upon the “experimentation” theme in an especially lighthearted way.  So a couple days later, when we converged upon slave beam, we donned our white lab coats and lay her down on the “examination table”.  Gleefully experimenting with one tool after the next, we applied sensations of spanking, slapping, beating, scratching, chomping… and all sorts of useful stimuli, noting the pleasing results and nodding in approval together.

The experiment was a success.  Though I have a feeling that we’ll revisit clinical trials at some point, for sake being thorough.

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