Dear slave lips,

I miss you, we miss you, you are missed.

Yet: you are ever in our hearts, our thoughts are ever in your pants, and we are reminded of your wonderful, thoughtful, pervy, playful, wonderful ways amidst each day.  You may be in Nola, but in spirit you are with us… and we are in you — abuzz with delight.

You are a whore of many dimensions, so I suspect we can much enjoy a little indulgence in that ever-special particular facet of yours: the one called “total attention whore”.  ;-)

Here’s the idea: we share a few tidbits for one another, of whatever tone.  An article, an image, a joke… whatever.  A few each — little by little — through the next few delicious days.

As we savor each other’s missives, we grow closer in a particular intimacy that only the public eye can properly nurture (hi guys!).

Okay: enough with the flowery intro, dear slavey.  Time for a whirlwindy lil’ tête-à-tête pirouette.

Fondly, and with a perfunctory spank,


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