Hello, FoxOfBangkok! It has been awhile. Can you tell us a bit about your name, and how it came to be?

I wish I had a great story to tell there, a superhero style origin story maybe, but I’m afraid it’s just my birth name, pretty much. My name is Fox. I live in Bangkok. FoxOfBangkok. (as an aside, you would be amazed the number of people named some variation of Fox in the kink world)

Don’t you have a fox logo, too? Pretty cool.

Indeed. My former slave designed it for me, and my current life partner and submissive gave it its current incarnation out of clay in her pottery class. It’s also been, among other things, used on custom made stamps and decals. And it’s also featured on my submissive’s collar. Branding, in all the ways.

You’re pretty obsessed with rope, and you’ve got a particular philosophy about it. Can you tell us a bit about how that works?

There are a million ways to do rope, and more importantly, a million reasons. None of them is more right than any other. Definitely on my end, I’m interested about how things work and how things feel. What ties will actually restrain someone securely. What anchoring will suspend them in a safer way. How will handling the rope in a certain way make my partner feel. Oppositely, I care very little about how things look, and making pretty pictures of aesthetic perfection out of my scenes. There are others who do that a lot better than me, and I happily refer people seeking it over to them.

What are you having the most fun with, lately?

Definitely the most fun we’re having is with doing our podcast on rope bondage, the rope podcast (ropepodcast.com). It’s a perfect combination of the kink we love and an outlet for our creative energies. And the rope community has been so nice in supporting us and interacting with our shows – by sending us questions to address on the air, leaving comments, giving us very helpful feedback. We’re just under 30 episodes produced so far, and honestly it’s been more successful than I expected it to be. And it’s just so entertaining having someone from the other side of the world shoot you a message because they were listening to your voice on the radio of their car driving to work this morning.

What are your biggest fantasies these days?

I’ve been musing lately about long term bondage. As in, put someone in a really hard to escape tie, and leave them in it for a long time. Of course for safety reasons you should never leave them alone, as bondage is very dangerous. But sitting just far enough away that they think they’re on their own, while still being close enough to monitor them and getting the pleasure of seeing them squirm helplessly is quite delicious. Something I will spend more time exploring in the near future.

How are you finding the scene in Bangkok?

Definitely small, and sadly more fragmented than it needs to be. A core group of long term residents provides consistency and identity to the scene – among those we all know each other, and it feels like a family. At the same time, the ebb and flow of tourists and medium term expatriates provides some freshness and new perspectives. I would definitely recommend anyone swinging by checks out our monthly munch, they will find a warm welcome there.

You’ve got some pretty clear guidelines on your profile. Anything you’d like to elaborate on?

I like to meet people in real life, so my profile is pretty straightforward in telling them what they can expect and how things work for me. I’m also very aware that rope is a subpart of the kink world where consent incidents are sadly way more common than they should be, so I want to be very clear in the message that I put out. This is just the first step in a fairly codified conversation around consent and safety I would have with anyone before considering playing.

What has been an important lesson you’ve learned, that you’d like to pass on?

No matter how tempting it is to do something in the moment, and how OK you think it’s going to be, if you didn’t negotiate it explicitly and with a cold head before the fact, don’t do it. Ex Ante all the way, baby.

We had a blast doing some kinky karaoke together. I recall my slavie and I doing a nice rendition of Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This), haha. What other whimsical adventures have you enjoyed?

A recent one involved entering our podcast into a rope photos contest (for fun), which involved an inverted Mya suspended from the ceiling as well as suspending her iphone (much harder than you would think to have it stay in the position you want it in for the photo) and finally, getting a podcast episode to play on her headphones from said suspended device, while trying to also take a photo of the whole thing!

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