photo 4So I got quite the text from princess poof.

“Splurged on a fancypants corset.  You like?”

It was a very simple question, but the image attached to it was a cause for serious consideration.  There were… many aspects to like.

Not only was her already-lovely figure bound snugly in a delicious new form, with a pleasant trim tickling her pelvis, but there was a neckline that you just don’t see on a corset all that often.  It dipped, it scooped, and it… boobed — like few corsets have ever boobed before.

Her boobs joined together as though clasped in prayer to a forgotten goddess of corsets.  Her cleavage clove like the cusps of two wayward moons colliding into a solar supernova.  Her underboob revealed itself in ways that seemed to defy Earthly physics: like it was part of an antigravity wonderland.

Fancypants Corset

(Shared with the express permission of princess poof, of course of course.)

Yes, I like.

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