While I was away at a (tremendously incredible) play party in NYC, I left slave beam with a few instructions for taking care of things around the studio.  Here are some examples:

  • She got to put her good (and pleasurable friend) Mr. Egg inside her, and then do the dishes
  • She got to masturbate on the windowsill where anyone could see her, and cum at least three times
  • She got to fill some empty picture frames with sexy art from various magazines, comics, etc.

When I returned, I certainly appreciated the work of art that was the clean dish sculpture in the kitchen (ha, ha), but I also appreciated the art that filled the frames, now decorating a shelf in the studio:

But there was a frame missing!

“I’ll bring in the last frame when I see you next, if that’s okay”, beam reassured.  When she did, I was met with a handmade and heartfelt surprise:

A little work of art!

“Do you know what it is?”, she asked.

Of course I knew.  How could I not recognize her lovely form with its collar, dutiful posture at the sink, and gestural outline of clean dishes drying at her side?  Her dear friend Mr. Egg basked and reveled, shown in the foreground but certainly accompanying slave beam more intimately in reality.  She painstakingly chronicled her playful arousal and devotion in a beautiful framed piece.

“I LOVE this!”, I marveled.  And I do.  I’m still grinning at the fine confluence of dedication, talent, and pleasing self-expression.  It’s downright beautiful.  The way this makes me aroused and proud all at the same time is something I really relish.

Not only does it turn out to be part of a series, but it’s a cherished addition to the Kink Studio décor.

Bravo, slave beam.  You’re a source of beautification that I marvel over.  ;-)

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