This week’s prompt has put Master into a playful mood: yesterday he told me to take Mr. Egg and Mr. Plug, it was up to me which or both to put inside me and later that evening he would guess. If he guessed correctly he would use any of my holes he liked (as usual), if he guessed incorrectly he would use any of my holes… and I would get to cum twice.  It was definitely in my interest to make Master guess wrongly.  So, my trusty toys and I found some privacy and had a little heart-to-heart– in the end one slipped inside me, while the other was hidden.

Master asked me thinly veiled questions throughout the day to determine who was inside me.  There were giggles and smiles and lewd comments at the dinner table.  It was a new feeling to keep a secret like this from Master– he usually knows and dictates what’s going on below.  But that’s how this little game was being played and it was great fun.

Later in the evening it was time to compare notes! Master had the Hitachi out– which is ALWAYS a great sign– and was trying to hide a playful smirk.  He had me ride the magical vibrator until I was close to orgasm, and only then did he share his guess and whether I would get to cum twice.  I’m normally not good with suspense, and with a buzzy orgasm on the verge to filling my body with heat and promise, I was a giggle mess.  Master shared his guess and to my wonderment he was incorrect. It was only Mr. Egg that had spent the day with me, he guessed both my holes would be filled.  I had gone the obvious route.

I came riding the Hitachi and again with Master in my mouth.

Yanno, things to get incorrect this seems like a pretty good one…

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