My fantasy lover took a turn towards the poetic this week, inspired by my attempts to create a wolf costume for halloween, and being happily sucked into the world of ears and tails. Oh my.

Hello Kitty

Whether or not donning ears and a tail,
With our without a blacked-tipped nose and whiskers,
She is in every way feline.

She is no pet, but a companion;
Me perhaps submissive to her needs –
Brought to my attention through slink or frisk,
But never scratches.

She positions herself to be stroked as she wants.
When she wants.
Caressed and lovingly adored.
Her eyes on mine, then closed.
Her purr. My contentment.

I often find her curled up with me,
Not remembering how or when she arrived there.
But every bit happy to be in familiar, comfortable

Her independence brings me as much joy
As her playfulness.
She is as warm as she is coy.
With curiosity I match.
Hello Kitty.

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