Mr. Egg Zoomfest!

Hello Mr. Egg, thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions for us!  We’ve become very close friends over the years, although — sadly — we don’t always find the time to talk; so I’m rather excited to ask you a few questions!

Hi slave beam! Thanks for having me.

Why are you called Mr. Egg?

Primarily due to my egg shape, which helps with aero dynamism while we are on adventures, and also for fitting inside your sweet little pussy. It’s one of my favorite places! ;-)

What do you enjoy most about your lifestyle?

It’s so fun joining you guys in your adventures around the world! Kinky getaways in Thailand, Vietnam, México… it’s really a thrill.

For folks who are interested, how can they also do what you do?

Well, my main talent is slipping inside your sweet, silky pussy. I’m rather skilled at it, whether I’m secretly joining you at a restaurant while your Master signals for you to squeeze me, or just adding extra sensation while you play with yourself in the tub.

So I suppose someone who was interested in slipping into your pussy could… reach out to you and apply to the position?

beam and Mr. Egg Sit in The Park

What has been your most memorable adventure?

Ohhh man, I loved that time that your Master had you put me inside you for that bumpy ride on the riding lawnmower. Ooh! Or those times when you had me inside while riding on his rumbling motorcycle! Or maybe I’m just remembering those thanks to the beautiful drawings you made of those fine occasions.

Anyway, you seemed to be enjoying yourself, so I was pretty happy. :-)


Mr. Egg, as always, it’s been a pleasure! I look forward to our next romp together!

Thanks for having me!



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