We have the immense pleasure of introducing Cumcake, who is a delightful slut joining us on some Kink Studio adventures online. We hope you enjoy her, too.

Here’s her introduction!

This slut is named Cumcake, and lives in Germany. Currently this slut is in her mid-twenties, and after she graduated college she started her career just two years ago.

This slut has shoulder-long brunette hair, and keeps herself fit with occasionally jogging and swimming. So exhausting tasks shouldn’t be a problem for her.

There are a lot of kinks for this slut. She likes domination, light humiliation, bondage and petplay. But there may be a lot more kinks that she just has to explore.

During the last few weeks Master C gave this slut some tasks, and she really enjoyed to working on them and exploring more of her subby-self. This slut noticed that humiliation can feel very arousing.

This slut hopes to learn much more — all about D/s stuff and about herself, too.

Welcome, Cumcake!

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