Oh MyNorthampton’s sensuality shop known as Oh My is quite an inspiring pervosphere.   

Not only does it boast a rather admirable selection right on Main Street, but it also offers a few nice elements that you won’t find just anywhere:

  • It’s family run by a mother/daughter team
  • It carries toys made by local artisans
  • It exhibits work by local erotic artists
  • It offers helpful guidance on toys, and demos
  • It helps to coordinate educational events, like Madison Young’s visit to speak at the Media Education Foundation and Hampshire college (and we were happy to help by having Madison stay here at Studio C)
  • My friend works there, and she’s awesome
  • My ol’ mentee worked there, and she is also awesome

No matter where you live, do check it out.  Oh My is a pervy inspiration (and that’s not just my new vibrating mustache talkin’!)

Spicy Accoutrements


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