I believe the old adage, “you can’t love someone else, until you love yourself” is completely true. I am an absolute believer in profound self-love.

This is a short recount of a recent evening that was all about me… for me.

It certainly wasn’t a wild-crazy evening, but it was meaningful to me and I would like to share a special moment with you.

I was home alone and enjoying some red wine, with only my two hands (they can achieve some wonderful things), a bit of saliva, a comfortable chair and a historical romance on BBC. This was the first evening that I’ve spent alone in a surprisingly long time, and I was giddy with excitement. I didn’t have elaborate plans, other than to enjoy some wine, and relax. And just to be with myself.

Sometimes my hands get bored — so I started to slowly play with myself.

I fully allowed myself to enjoy the sensations my slippery fingers were creating. I had no one waiting for me and nowhere to be, except right where I was.

I came over and over, and I continued playing with myself.

It was exhilarating, because I was doing this for myself. I wasn’t doing it for someone else’s pleasure, or have parameters I had to adhere to. I could keep going or stop at anytime I wanted.  I was loving myself over and over.

After 5 orgasms, I realized I could keep going and going!

My fingertips were a little wrinkly and I was fully relaxed and ready to sleep deeply. I felt like I was glowing from within and yet I was not yet sated. I think I messaged Master that evening, saying I didn’t feel satisfied. That claim was not completely true — I was well and truly satisfied, although I didn’t feel drained. I still felt horny.

I think this is a key point of self-love: you’re filling yourself up, so you’ll never feel empty, but glowing from within! It’s unfortunate to think that I’ve been lackadaisical about this for the past while.

I still feel like I’m glowing.

I’m eager to reconnect with Master later this week to share my glowy goodness and sparkle together!

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