Legalize nipples!

Bodies are not a crime!

What is the world coming to? Sites are removing adult communities left and right. Tumblr turned into Fumblr as they removed all nipple-related content (which is most of it). It seems everywhere we turn, people are growing more and more body-shamey and sex-negative. Are we going to let that stand?

It’s time to turn the torrid tides.

It’s time to reveal the beauty of bodies… to the exxxtreme!

In Project Exhi-Bitchinest, we will assemble a daring array of daring body-flashin’ rebellion.

Here are some sultry brainstorms for your photo or video:

  • Mid-air flashing — Capture a shot flashing your bod while you’re in a wild mid-air jump. Bonus points: make it look like you’re skydiving!
  • “Running with scissors” — Don’t actually run with scissors. Just embrace the pun as you use some scissors to make your stockings run as you show off your bod.
  • Cunt-storming and cock-storming — Flash your hot stuff with your legs wide open, as a drone zooms between them.

Be careful with these! Don’t put yourself in actual danger, or in risk of injury. The idea is just to capture an extreme-seeming photo, for fun.

For style, think of those totally rad snowboard tricks you’ve seen, those motorcycle stuntmen, those outrageous circus freak spectacles, and beyond. Get weird and have fun!

Send us your totally radical stunt-flash and let us know how you’d like the name and/or description to appear!

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