There is something incredibly powerful about the sound of voice. A human voice can be infused with incredible emotion and nuance. It’s one of the most direct conduits for expressing arousal. In erotica, it turns out that voice can be really, really fun.

If you haven’t yet checked out the sultry subreddit known as GoneWild Audio, give it a look-see. More importantly, give it a listen-hear. This collection of audio delights covers a number of different styles, suiting a variety of tastes.

Some submissions are of the “ramblefap” variety, where somebody shares the sound of their moans and murmurs while they are getting off.

Other submissions are full-blown fiction, where the speaker is evoking a developed fantasy. Sometimes these are filling a script offer, meaning that somebody else wrote a script in the hopes that somebody would perform it.

One of the most noteworthy things about the tone over at GoneWild Audio is that the community is amazing. People get to know each other, and generally seem to treat each other with playfulness and admiration.

So: while you’re there, growing amazed and aroused, make sure to share your appreciation and be considerate. It’s quite a special phenomenon.

We wish you a delightful time as you get entertained and aroused over at GoneWild Audio!

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