The other day — in one evening alone — I took a submissive of mine out to dinner (me in a suit and her in a thin, slinky, nippley dress that I think was more nightwear than anything), and rather than go to tango afterwards as planned, we got inspired and I had her practice her deepthroating on a dildo as I drove, and then made fine use of her sloppy face.  I parked the car next to a gorgeous vacant antique building (which maaay have been a church, ahem), walked over to it with my hard cock out while she covered it with her shawl, and then I ravaged her in the dark doorway.  Her training theme this month is focused on learning new techniques in pleasuring me, and she is serving very well.

Later on in the evening, I took her for a drive so she could practice her deepthroating while we drove over bumps… and we found ourselves on an empty dirt road in a field of big beautiful corn fields.  I took her out, bent her over the hood, and fucked her brains in the middle of the road, out under the vast expanse of stars, while pummeling her lovely ass with my fists.  She cums so hard when I do that… and she did (once she begged for permission to my satisfaction).  She got down in the mud and took my load so well.  And we ended up splashing through the mud puddles and romping around in the corn fields.

It was dreamlike, unexpected, playful, messy and (of course) erotic.

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