I heard steps again. The room had been silent for at least an hour, so they sounded very loud in my ears. How many men would it be this time? It’s hard to tell just from the sound. But the mask over my eyes made it impossible to see them.
The steps were closer now. They surrounded me. It was at least three people. Maybe more, who knows? I struggled against my restraints, but without success. I was still perfectly fixed to this weird wall. I lay on my back, knees on my chest. My hips stuck through a hole in the wooden wall, only my exposed crotch on the other side. My ankles were bound against the wall above my belly. The same went for my arms, but they were bound below my back. My head rested on a small wooden board. A huge ring gag was between my teeth.
Several hands grabbed my body. I felt a bit of excitement, it was a thrill to be touched by an unknown amount of people. They stroked my legs, pinched my nipples and slapped my ass on the other side of the wooden wall. Obviously they touched my exposed pussy, too. It didn’t take long intil one of the strangers pushed two of his fingers inside of me and explored my vagina.
One of the men stepped right in front of me. I was able to catch his scent before he reached me. The next moment a solid cock was pushed deep inside my mouth. I winced, but with the ring gag I was unable to do anything against it. Within a short time, the man forced himself nearly completely inside my mouth. I had trouble breathing, but somehow managed to gasp for air every now and then.
“Look at this drooling pussymouth”, the man said after he moved his cock a few times in and out of my wide open lips. It was disgraceful, but he was right. I was drooling like a horse, and my face was already a huge mess.
The other men laughed. “Yeah, she looks trashed already. Wonder what she will look like when we are done with her.”
Next I got fucked. One of the strangers stepped close to my hip, got into position and entered without a warning. With a strong stroke, he pushed his whole cock into my womb. Without the other dick that was still in my mouth I would have screamed!
With fast and rough movements, the guy fucked me. For him I was no more than a sex doll. From his position, he wasn’t even able to see my face! Only my hips were visible on the other side of the wooden wall.
Luckily it didn’t take long until he came. I felt his cock pulsating between my cunt lips, and then his warm semen entered my pussy. With a noisy grunt he left, and one of the other men took his place.
Without a warning, the man that fucked my face climaxed, too. He pushed his cock deep inside my throat and shot his load inside of me. I was unable to breathe, and when he finally finished and pulled his dick out of my mouth, I coughed loudly.
“She is an amazing sperm gulper”, he declared, and slapped my tits.
I was still gasping for air when someone else took advantage of my open mouth, and pushed his cock inside of me. “Suck it, you dirty slut!” To be fair, I wasn’t able to really suck him with the gag, but that didn’t bother him much, as he started to fuck my face.
Meanwhile the second man blew his load inside my pussy. “We should call her Cumcake. She is all cream-filled, haha!.”
“Not yet! One hole is still missing.”
“Yeah, let’s change that!”
I knew what would come next. But there was absolutely nothing that I could do against that. Another cock entered my pussy, but after a few strokes the man pressed his dick against my butthole. Slowly, but with a unrelenting force, he penetrated my ass. Again I grasped for air, but that only animated the man in front of me to push his cock deeper into my throat.
With a jolt, the stranger on the other side of my body finally pushed himsef deep into my rear. He felt extremly huge and filled me completly! For one moment he stopped his motion, enjoying the feeling of my tight ass. Then he started to fuck me with strong strokes. I would have lied if I would have said that it didn’t feel good.
“Yes, she really is a pervy anal toy! It feels like her ass is grabbing my cock to milk it!”
“This one is a real slut!”
“What a dirty bitch!”
“She totally is in heat, haha!”
I moaned while I got fucked in the ass and my mouth at the same time. The words were very humiliating, but I was still very aroused. To be used like this was a huge turn-on for me, and I felt myself getting closer to my own orgasm.
“Uhh fuuuuuck!” The man at my hips pushed himself as deep as possible into my rear. His cock started to throb and the very next moment I felt how he shot his sperm deep into my womb.
But I didn’t get a moment to focus on that. The other man reached his climax, too. This guy didn’t came into my throat. He pulled his cock out of my mouth before he came. Several loads of hot semen splashed against my drool-covered face.
It seemed like the men had finished now. The cock that rested in my rear pulled out, leaving a little gaping hole, and the feeling that something was missing. Steps were moving through the room and away from me, while they were talking.
“Phew… wow that was a good fuck!”
“Yeah, that 100 bucks were well spent!”
“We should visit more often!”
“Let’s come again next week!”
Finally, it was silent again. Only the sound of my heavy breathing was heard. It took me a few minutes to calm down again. I was still horny, as I wasn’t able to reach my orgasm. I had been really close, and if I would have been able to move myself I would have certainly finished myself off. But that was not an option.
Thick drops of sperm ran out of my pussy and my ass, and dripped down to the ground. My face was itching a bit from the mixture of drool and sperm. I had really been used hard this time!
But now it was time to rest. I had maybe an hour before the next group would appear to explore my body! Maybe I would be able to climax next time. I could not say that I wasn’t looking forward to it!

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