We needed each others bodies.  Both of us have been busy lately with business and then we came down with the flu.  It had been about 2 weeks since we communicated with our hands and skin. It was Valentines Day…time for some love.   For a couple of hours we played and talked and touched and fucked.  Lovers hungry for a journey.   It ended with her screams filling the room.

I got up to go to the gym.  I called her to ask if she needed anything from the store.  Another snow storm was in process and I didn’t want to go back out to pick up supplies.   She picked up the phone…..”Hello, Master!” and without skipping a beat “I’m so excited for you right now.  I’m wet thinking about last night”  She had thought earlier about getting up to tell me how horny she was upon rising.  She wanted me home so she could play again.

Without skipping a beat I told her to put her hands down her pants.  I told her how to rub herself and what to visualize.  I had her relive my mouth on her cunt and how I had run my tongue over her clit.  I listened to her moan and say “Oh God!” and tell me how good it felt.  Then I told her to stop and that I’d be home in a while.

We don’t engage in phone sex.  Neither of us can remember ever engaging in it with each other.  I went into the gym and thought about what had just happened and what had happened the previous evening.

What waited for me at home is another story……..a wet, filthy story.

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