Here is a fantasy poem I wrote about a desire that is emerging just now in this very moment.

The Octopus 

I am underwater, deliciously surrendering to the downward floating into the depths of the ocean where i find myself anchored at a particularly slimy and effervescently slippery part of kelp forest, tangled and floating, and sun scratching at the tips. I clutch at my throat and start to gulp for air, my fingers growing tense and my throat becoming tight, until i release and realize that i can breathe underwater, because, after all, i am a mermaid. i start to feel the water all around my body and my whole being starts to relax, and before i know it, i feel something slippery on my back, and when i spin around, there is an octopus, at least as big as me, 8-limbed, tentacles glistening, and i am terrified and desirous all at once.  the octopus begins to slither his limbs, eight of them, all over and around me, slipping and sliding in between my crevices and enveloping me.  i have no choice but to surrender, and his limbs become both binds to hold me in place as well as slithery smooth edges for me to wiggle and stumble upon.  he tickles me under my arms, and slides two of his tentacles around my legs, while one slides in between my legs, and with a look he orders me to begin sliding myself over him, like his limb is pool floatie and i am a little girl rubbing myself back and forth over its slippery smoothness until i myself am all slippery and smooth and shiny and i feel like the most reckless thing the ocean has ever seen.  the watery ocean envelops me and i am held here for eternity.

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