While I must be brief (as life has taken me into the wilds), I can tell you that while on my way I decided to explore my dream lover in myself — and others’ potential by having auditions.

Each night on my three-day drive, I held an audition, learning more about myself every step of the way.

On the first night, I discovered that the feeling of my nipples being played with while clothespins pinching my breasts were employed… was so delightful.

The second night a previous lover delighted while her boyfriend’s huge cock serviced me, to all of our delight.

By night three I rediscovered the art of vanilla lovemaking with a former boyfriend from half a lifetime ago.

Wow! What a trip so far and how interesting it was to continue discovery. I endeavor to continue these auditions as time and people are available, until the point I feel satisfied that I know how to answer this in the most detailed minutia possible. I’m simply delighted to let go and explore.

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