vampire's thrallDuring a recent bathing, we explored that hard-hitting question we all face at one time or another: what mysterious powers would you hope to have if you became a vampire?

Mind-reading came up (and it certainly has its appeal). Then another interesting notion arose: inhabiting someone’s body with your consciousness. Not so much a “body swap” so much as simply piloting someone else’s body, the vampire holds his focus while his willing host opens her mind to be possessed… and controlled.

With control of his host’s body, she can feel her hands wandering as the vampire experiences that new form: exploring with those hands, caressing that flesh, and bringing about sensations that they both can feel. It’s as though she is inert but conscious, as though he holds her limp hands and moves them where he likes as a puppeteer, and as though they can hear each other’s voices within the body’s shared inner thoughts.

I conjured up all this with my arms wrapped around my slave, guiding her hands along the curves of her pelvis, murmuring in her ear.

It’s a captivating notion that might be a bit compelling to explore further.

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