WonderlandHehe!  Since one of our lovely new trial slaves is into comics, and since she found some cheesecake gems in our Kink Studio library, I decided to make something of it.

I make a big point of giving assignments: little tasks or missions to complete while a trainee is away from the studio.  Sometimes they entail accomplishments in sluttiness, or furthering of a skill related to the month’s theme, or… any number of things.

In this case, it made perfect sense to have her complete a little “kinky book report”.  And her concurrent observations about Alice’s relationship with the giant wriggly caterpillar were rather fun, when she reported back.

A silly little mission that has led to other fun, since the reprehensibly filthy graphic novels she is working on now are a bit more engaging.

It seems that curiosity is piqued!  Curiouser and curiouser…

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